Transforming the classroom experience with collaborative learning

Located in New York City, an Ivy League university whose policy is to remain unnamed is committed to educating and developing leaders and builders of companies who create value for the society through its MBA, MS, Ph.D., and other programs. As a result of the many disruptions caused by the pandemic, this long-established institution had […]

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Starting a business: When to trust your instincts?

During my career, I’ve helped many entrepreneurs by building their products; I’ve listened to their pitch, and they all sounded awesome! As an entrepreneur myself, I know that executing my idea is key to transforming it into a business. Often, founders start executing on the product side first, but it is not always the right […]

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How to add Twitter emoji to your Angular app with Twemoji

Emojis are a fun way to add a little life to any app you are building, but a problem you might encounter is that they look different on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. Emoji’s are part of the Unicode Standard, and as of March 2020, there are 3,304 total, with more added on each release. […]

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Noviggo is easy to use on projects of any size. We offer paid plans with customizable frameworks, enhanced features and personalized onboarding.
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Noviggo's collaborative learning tool empowers educators and leaders to manifest change within their organizations and bring new ideas to life. Our tool engages groups synchronously and asynchronously for each program, encourages continuous teamwork, and humanizes the entire process.
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