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Noviggo helps organize, track, and collaborate on coursework through interactive frameworks in a centralized learning environment. Increase student engagement and motivation while supporting learning beyond the classroom.

Embrace the power of collaborative learning

Coordinate, delegate and collaborate easily

Encourage a positive learning environment with easy coursework coordination, support for spontaneous group discussions between students, and real-time insights for tracking all your group projects.

Support and enhance student connection 

Experience increased connection with your students through group discussions, cooperative learning, and confidence tracking in our flexible learning environment.

Help students reach their full potential

See how your students execute a project, how they worked together, who was engaged, and get real-time flags that require follow-up actions.

Your personalized learning environment

Guided, step-by-step frameworks keep each of your students engaged and encouraged to move through your lessons.  Use our out-of-the-box templates, or customize one and create your own.

Track the evolution of class projects

Get a holistic view of your student's projects over time, see how ideas change and evolve as your students work through your lessons throughout the term.

Customized to your needs

Create frameworks that are fully customized to your needs. We work with you every step of the way to create the experience you need to foster engagement and learning in your classroom.

Helping Higher Ed professors transform their classroom experience

Learn how a leading institution boosted motivation and engagement through the challenges of COVID-19 with Noviggo's collaborative learning tool.

Three Pillars for Motivation.
Supported by collaborative learning.


Coordinate, evaluate, plan, and facilitate discussions asynchronously. Allow students to learn on their own terms.


Create clear structures with relevant tools and ongoing guidance. Leverage microlearning to help students solve problems.


Provide supporting feedback attained from insights, recieve encouraging nudges, facilitate peer work and connection.

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Why Noviggo

Simplified onboarding, get started quickly and easily

We help you get set up quickly and ensure that your program is easily adapted and ready for your classes. With tailored onboarding support, we get your students prepared and learning quickly.

Navigate the procurement process with our help

Procurement can be tough, and we work with you to get started as quickly as possible.  We provide pricing flexibility to fit your discretionary budget and work with your IT to ensure we are compliant with your school's policies.

We embrace and elevate your practice

We work with you to personalize any existing frameworks for your lesson plan, or we can create fully customized setups specifically for your unique approach.

Noviggo founders

Our Mission

We want to reimagine how teams collaborate and learn together to help bring new ideas to life. Noviggo was born to help us share our collective knowledge and experiences from over 25 years of planning, building, and delivering innovative technology projects.
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Noviggo's collaborative learning tool empowers educators and leaders to manifest change within their organizations and bring new ideas to life. Our tool engages groups synchronously and asynchronously for each program, encourages continuous teamwork, and humanizes the entire process.
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